As a business owner you are facing many time consuming formalities, unexpected challenges, a lot of meetings and exhausting travelling. At times it seem that you lack of resources. BIG SIX & Partners will help you deal with formalities and arrangements, so you can focus only on the core matters of your vocation.

We can help you to run your business abroad, this is especially good solution for consultants who travel a lot, victims of Brexit or people who need a link inside EU and Europe.

BIG SIX & Partners will provide following:

– Business management over internet, phone and e-mail
– Nominee services
– Office or warehouse space
– Accounting services
– Office assistant services
– Customer care services
– Recruiting services
– Handling legal documents
– Taking care of taxation administration

Learn about Estonia’s taxing system or request a free consultation with the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Thank you!