Every owner of a family business will one day face the question of whether and how to give up the ownership of the company. It’s important to know how to transfer the business to the next generation in a way that would minimaize taxes or disrupt the business any other way.

There are numerous ways in which a change of generation can be conducted – shares, stocks, will, gift etc. A wise decision will include advisors who know the process and support you through the changes.
Our advisors plan the change of generation process hand in hand and in favour of a client. Through this operation we make sure that the outcome will be tax effective and financially well advised for those who are taking over. We make sure that the next generation will have secure non-disturbed continuation of the business activities to focus on building new future for the company.

Big Six & Partners will assist with all company law and tax issues related to the change of generation and prepare all documentation needed for the execution, such as:

– Company law documentation
– Formulas to the trade register
– Deed of gift
– Gift tax returns
– Applications for tax relieves
– Tax ruling applications
– Purchase of shares
– Purchase of business activity
– Restructuring of business
– Redemption of shares

Law of Succession Act in Estonia

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