Corporate taxation and tax planning often involves finacial interests so taxation is a key factor affecting a company’s business activities. You’ll need experts for dealing business finacial matters and planning the future. We know that all corporate taxation must be tailor-made. That’s why we offer our clients comprehensive and practical services in which one of BIG SIX’s experts personally manages the entire project structure and talks the client through the whole process.

BIG SIX & Partners gives clients comprehensive support in taxation issues related to the company or the group. We also take into account the tax situation of the individual, whether it be the owner, their family, or the company’s employees. Only by managing the complete project, can produce the best possible outcome for the company.

BIG SIX & Partners can help you with the following:

– Establishing of a company
– National and international corporate tax planning
– Changes in Articles of Association form and company form
– Business ownership arrangements and all included documents
– Documents related to corporate restructuring (change of generation planning)
– Group’s effective tax rate planning
– Company tax return, tax optimization and settling of all raising issues
– Preserving company’s tax losses on change of ownership
– Transfer pricing
– Clarifications on income tax, business and capital taxation and preliminary tax
– Audit of VAT compliance
– Employment contracts and labour law
– Dissolution of companies

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