Facts about Estonia



Baltics, near Nordic countries. Member of the EU, Euro & Nato.

In a nutshell:

Leading country of e-services, positive attitude towards entrepreneurs. Easy, supporting tax system – pushes towards growth.

Business climate:

Estonian business culture is mixed with straightness from Nordic countries and the positive attitude from southern Europe. IT companies are very welcome, Estonia is the leading country of government e-services.


The company tax is 20%, but it is deferred. Therefore the company has 20 – 30% more funds available for growth than companies in UK, Finland, Sweden, Norway or Netherlands. The company can use all of its profits in growth, employment, and investments.


Do not be a victim of globalization, become a citizen of the world and discover what Estonia has to offer! If you want to escape the system, while remaining legal, then Estonia with a rich historical past, today a young republic resolutely turned towards the future and the new technologies might be the place for you. Estonians have invented software solutions like Skype or Kazaa to Internet users around the world.

Having regained its independence since 1991, it is today turned outward. Estonia joined the euro area on 1 January 2011. According to the Basel Index, Estonia is the second least corrupt country in the world – this, combined with the fact that it is rated as very cooperative by the OECD, gives Estonia an excellent overall reputation to base your activites.

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